Therapy for:
Low Self-confidence
those suffering in silent in toxic relationships

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Benefits of Individual therapy

In the case of individual therapy, the relationship between you and your therapist — which is fostered through talk therapy — is key to your success.

Individual therapy gives you a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

Unlike couples, family, or group therapy, individual therapy focuses solely on you. This allows for a deeper understanding of the issues and more time for developing coping strategies to help you handle difficult situations.

The goal of individual therapy is to inspire change and improve the quality of life through self-awareness and self-exploration.

Being in therapy can also:

  • help improve communication skills

  • help you feel empowered

  • empower you to develop fresh insights about your life

  • learn how to make healthier choices

  • develop coping strategies to manage distress


What Current & Past Clients are saying...


Having been scared away from therapy for many years, having reached out to Makeda to handle my therapy has been one of the best choices I have made. Makeda has helped me work through my anxiety and depression by coming to a deeper understanding of myself and by examining the root causes of why I feel this way. I feel much more in control of my life, able to form better and healthier relationships with friends and family and have a greater outlook for my future. ~Past Client

I believe that she is a great therapist. She is very personable and connects with me on ways I have not had before with other therapists. She is very understanding and never pushes on anything. She makes me feel very comfortable and works with my pace and my comfort level. ~ Current Client

Working with Makeda has been a life changing experience. I have grown so much since the time we connected. Makeda is a true professional with the skillset to help anyone dealing with anything. I am overly satisfied with my experience and can only see things steadily improving. ~ Past Client

Working with Makeda has been life changing. I didn’t realize that that I was dealing with such bad anxiety, and she really has helped me learn how to better process my thoughts. It has been a game changer for me moving through daily life. ~ Current Client

Makeda is incredible! She really is helping me become my best self. Her unique skill of filling in the blanks that you spend hours trying to do yourself is unmatched. She makes you feel so comfortable, and she asks tough questions that challenge you in the ways you did not even realize you needed. ~ Current Client

Makeda has been a Godsend. She listens and guides. She does not judge. She does not tell you what to do. She helps you see the answers you already knew. ~ Current Client

I have had great success with Makeda. She is helpful and really listens, as well as provides as safe place to let your guard down. ~Current Client

I have contemplated going to therapy for years and making the decision to go felt nerve wrecking. However, Makeda has made talking and opening up very easy. We have been able to make goals and activities to better cope in the future. ~ Past Client